Our History

Starting as a young eager boy at college in 2013, I gained an Interactive Media National Diploma at Coventry City College. From there I moved to Coventry University to study for my BA Hons Degree in Media Production. Throughout my teenage years the automotive lifestyle became my resounding passion. That’s where the two diverse elements combined, and my style of creating media was born. Finishing University with a degree in Media Production.

After leaving University I started a full time job at Listers Group, as the Social Media and Content Executive. My role was to keep the social media channels active and relevant, with over 50 accounts for all the reputable marques that Listers Group manage.
This was no easy task but my work quality and commitment speaks for itself. This job involved Regular visits to dealerships up and down the country to create engaging content whilst following and abiding to strict brand guidelines. My key responsibilities included photographing and filming events, also, shooting some of the newest models that entered the showroom. I must say, I truly enjoyed my time at Listers Group and looking back at it now, i’m hugely proud of what I accomplished there.

After 4 years at Listers I felt as though it was time for a change and a new challenge.

I moved to Denfield, a leading automotive Marketing Agency based in Leamington Spa. The company looked after brands such as Arthur Price, Silverstone Auctions, Hendy Group, Arbury and many more. The range and scale of work was fantastic, conclusively it really put me outside of my comfort-zone at times, which is what I wanted; it is paramount for me even now to develop and nurture skills in different styles of media. After a year of working for Denfield I was offered the chance to work with a brand that had head-hunted me, and jumped at the chance to take the reins as I had also been following their work for some time. This was a major achievement in my work history.

My next role came as the Marketing and Sales Manager at Reflex Auto Design. Being customer facing and welcoming customers into the business was a key part of the role, as well as keeping the social media up to date and consistent. I also created a brand new website for the business during my time there including a full E-commerce store full of thousands of products.

My proudest accomplishment during my time at Reflex was the build and advertising of the iconic ‘Rothmans Old & New Porsche’ we created as a promotional car for the business. The internet was ablaze when we unveiled the car for the first time – it caused a big stir during its trip to Austria to the infamous Wörthersee event through our marketing. Unfortunately, the business wanted to take a different route moving forward focusing on more accident repair work so we parted ways shortly after that.

January 2019… I launched Shout About It!

Throughout 2019, I had some fantastic opportunities and worked with many high-profile clients along the way as an independent contractor; many of these are regular clients and have opted in to use the ‘client retainer package’.

Shout About It has been a great success for myself and has really progressed as a business and industry name. I work with some of the industries leading brands and have a strong, trusting relationship with every single one of them. Our work is diverse, appealing & next-generation, this enables us to offer a wide range of options for clients, whether you are looking for individual projects, setting up a monthly retainer service, or simply need some consultancy. We are more than happy to help!

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