Limebug VW

About Limebug VW

Limebug VW are a colossus force in the air-cooled society, creating some of the best builds in the Air-cooled community and helping thousands of enthusiasts get their own cars to the standard Limebug expect by offering a wide range of bespoke hand built VW parts. Things such as upgrading your beams, lowering your car, restoring the chassis and many other elements. Just look at the website to see how in depth these guys have gone with restoring aircooled classics of a by gone era.

What can Shout About It Media do for Limebug VW…

Once again we visit the guys at Limebug once a week, creating content for Limebugs extremely popular Social Media channels with almost 40K followers and managing the companies newsletters that have nearly 40K subscribers as well. Also looking after a digital blog which is hosted on the Limebug Website, this can including product how to’s, show reports or car features of customers builds to document their love for air-cooled erotica, whilst subliminally plotting in the Limebug products throughout the videos.