Media has always been a passion for our owner Matt Clifford. Straight from school he went to college to study Interactive Media, gaining a National Diploma. From there he moved to Coventry University to really push himself to the highest level available. Studying Media Production he learnt all the key skills to be a videographer and photographer, from pre-production, planning, shooting and editing. Graduating with first class honours, Matt was equipped with all the skills and knowledge he needed. 



It was during Matts time at University that he had started to realise his true petrolhead passion. Growing up he had always loved cars, hot wheels, model cars and ‘The Fast And The Furious’ franchise, but when he got his own 4 wheels on the road everything changed. Matt delved further into his passion; customising his cars, attending meets, shows and interacting with the car community. It was from here that the creative cocktail mix, of the Digital Media knowledge and Automotive Passion came together, and Shout About It was born.. 



Matt was head-hunted by Listers Group, a large automotive dealership group based in the Midlands and was hired straight from university to work at their head office, managing all of their 45 social media accounts for each dealership up and down the country. This job entailed many miles up and down the country creating content for each dealerships’ social accounts, meeting dealership principles and really getting hands on with the automotive retail side of the industry. He was also filming events such as new registration parties, vehicle launches, corporate videos and more. 

He also joined an online automotive lifestyle brand called Watercooled Society where he managed a team of around eight photographers globally covering the UK, USA, South Africa and Japan. Creating and quality controlling online articles covering some of the best feature cars and events in the world, it quickly became recognised as one of the best-known brands in the world for automotive lifestyle. The account reached almost 130K likes on Facebook! ORGANICALY!

After 4 years at Listers Group, Matt left to join a successful digital marketing and advertising agency based in Leamington Spa. They looked after accounts for Arbury Group, Hendy Group, Jardine Motors, Johnsons Cars, Lookers and Viezu. It was during his time there that he truly honed his skills managing multiple accounts, ensuring that all clients were offered the best possible service, with regular communication and innovative campaigns that offer clear ROI. 

Two years later, Matt was offered the opportunity to work for one of the countries most reputable automotive paint shops, Reflex Auto Design. Matt’s main responsibilities were digital marketing, social media management, building and managing a full e-commerce website. Matt spent time understanding about paintwork, quality and spotting defects, understanding what challenges the customer faced and how he could communicate
the solutions the company could provide. While at Reflex, Matt built his infamous Old & New Rothmans 997 Porsche, taking the time to paint the vehicle rather than wrapping with race livery, so that we could use it for promotional purposes and support the company’s marketing campaign. This proved a huge success, with the car appearing everywhere online, it blew up gaining them over 5,000 followers in the space of one week. The car was featured in three magazines and over ten online blogs promoting the business. 




After all those years working for businesses in January 2019 Shout About It became a full time job for Matt, starting out on his own with the vast amount of contacts and knowledge he has accumulated over his years. Equipped with the experience working client side, and then agency side. Matt has a great understanding of the expectations from both sides of the relationship.

Shout About It are content creators, we shoot incredible engaging videos and vibrant photos from the launch of the latest hyper car to a product shoot for a new lanyard and everything in between. We love getting creative and capturing some incredible moments on camera. We work with some of the industries most well known names and have been published regularly in some of the biggest magazines in the world!