XS Carnight in Italy??

Our latest adventure with Air Lift Performance as we embarked on a remarkable journey to Italy for the XS Carnight 2023 ‘Better Days Ahead’ event. Our mission was to capture the essence of this extraordinary gathering and create a series of Instagram photos, Reels and YouTube video content. The Tyrolean Mountains became an awe-inspiring backdrop for our footage, adding an extra layer of magic to the entire experience. 

What is it?

There is a high probability if you’re in the car world you would have heard of the yearly Worthersee Treffen in Austria has very sadly crumbled under new enforcement by local authorities and citizens. This has caused a lot of turbulence for thousands of petrol heads worldwide who religiously attended this event. As modified cars have been coming increasingly clamped down and discredited for their stereotypical loud and disruptive presence, something HAD to be done to keep that tradition alive; especially seeing as it has been ongoing since the 1980s! XS Carnight is no stranger to the Worthersee scene, especially in the recent years as car culture has accelerated in the world of Social Media and newer generations become conscious of the event unfolding around the famous lake. 

After recent announcements and the absence of an official meet, the XS guys took matters in their own hands to migrate elsewhere! The dilemma XS faced was to find an appropriate location that could possibly replicate or improve the blistering views and sights of southern Austria. In comes the South Tyrol; just 4 hours down the road but a whole new world of snowy mountain tops, smooth roads and hopefully a wave of modified cars cruising through. 

The Brief

Whilst in Italy we had a brief to create an almost Worthersee-like aftermovie showcasing what the whole experience is truly like. Amazing views, delicious food, smooth roads and breathtaking cars. This consisted of 3 separate car features, 3 XS Carnight events and filler shots in between to highlight this event. As well as this we shot a variety of photos and reels to actively post on the official Airlift Performance social media accounts while being there. As we drove through the Tyrolean Mountains, we were greeted by breathtaking views at every turn. The winding roads and mountain passes offered a visual feast, with majestic peaks, lush green valleys, and charming alpine villages dotting the landscape. The serpentine twists and turns of the road only heightened the sense of adventure and excitement. 

Roll out!

The South Tyrol roads made the drive for the Shout team an unforgettable one, finding plenty of perfect picture opportunities for our carbon fibre widebody Cayman and bagged Audi TT! 

The events...

The series of XS Carnight events kicked off with Cars n Coffee at Tuo, a cafe that welcomed pre-selected show vehicles in the heart of Merano, a small city just north of its big brother, Bolzano. Although a small premise the presence of the car scene was rather large, with hundreds of petrol heads coming in to enjoy the cars, coffee, scenery and of course those pistachio filled croissants!

Mamma mia!

In true Italian fashion we had to feature a Ferrari, this one being in the form of a 512TR built by the guys at TopSecretCom, with an incredible wide body kit, brushed Asphalt Dreams split rims and of course dropped using Air Lift Performance 3P Suspension.

Next on the agenda we attended XS Classic, hosted further out into the mountains in a beautiful medieval fortress. The dress code here was that all show cars attending are made prior to 1999 but it’s safe to say there wasn’t a SINGLE piece of rust on these cars. From cambered Trabants to clean bagged sedans it felt like were on a trip back in time! 

As a subtle nod to Worthersee it would be rude not to take a German car and air it out in front of a lake. That’s exactly what we did in Kalterer See with Jan and Nico’s RS6s both sporting Air Lift Performance setups and individually finished off with split rims and coloured in vibrant baby blue and red tones. The views on the Kalterer Lake were definitely a must to go see, conveniently located just 45 minutes out of Bolzano!

Across this time, many pizzas, toll roads and car meets later took us to the main focus of the event, XS Carnight which unfolded at the expo centre of Bolzano, Fierra Bolzano. Beside the massive arena queued thousands of cars and spectators from across Europe. It is safe to say that it lived up to our expectation and we were humbled to see a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF BUILDS, from high power B5 Audi wagons to stanced out classic Mercedes and everything in between!

To finish our aftermovie we couldn’t miss the opportunity to shoot our friend Sebastien’s dropped Audi 60L displaying a stunning custom made retro suitcase which housed the Airlift 3P setup completing the period correct boot install. In true Tyrolean fashion we took it up an amazing pass in the mountains a few hours outside of the city and show its former glory. 

The Perfect Blend

The Tyrolean Mountains, with their scenic routes and points of interest, seamlessly worked with the energy of XS Carnight. The stunning natural beauty of the surroundings served as a harmonious backdrop, enhancing the excitement and passion that radiated from the event itself. It was as if the mountains were echoing the spirit of Worthersee, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. We certainly hope to be back next year to do it all again!

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