A 'Tucking' good car show...

Tucked At The Museum 2023

The UK car scene is no stranger to the automotive and lifestyle brand ‘Tucked’ and so when these guys host an event you best know the expectations and excitement is real. For everyone at Shout, event coverage was only obligatory as it blends together the finer things in life; Cars and Cameras. The recipe this time round was prepared for the second time over at the Gaydon Motor Museum in Warwickshire. Over 1000 pre-selected show cars queued in orderly fashion on a surprisingly cold and windy Sunday morning in April, nonetheless the day was looking bright! 

‘Should I book an events photographer?’

Here at Shout we specialise in creating content of all types, such as event photography/event videography for many market leading clients with brands like Airlift Performance trusting us to represent them. Having worked closely with Airlift Performance over the years we prioritised showcasing the quirkiest and wildest builds that utilise Airlift products. The day consisted of shooting a variety of photos optimised for social media (4×5 crop), Instagram reels and a finalised 4K after-movie for Airlift’s Youtube channel to capture the vibe and overall experience package offered at this wonderful venue. In other words we will always recommend any exhibitor, organiser or brand to invest in their own image as not only it reflects the qualities but also by what you stand for and believe in. If you require any event content creation services or have any other queries get in touch with us here. 

'No lack of creativity'

It’s safe to say there is no lack of creativity when it comes to boot builds, a particular decked Mercedes W115 definitely stood out to us with its immaculate green paint, polished metal bumpers and a full custom trunk setup running dual Viair compressors housed in a period correct leather suitcase (yes a leather suitcase!). 

The show...

Different levels of modified cars were allocated throughout the venue and spread in a messy yet visually appealing fashion, something that should definitely be used as an example for all car shows; after all it’s boring to park every car the same way, right? Up front by the main stage hosted the Top 50 pre-selected cars by AutoFinesse, all qualified for a chance to win prizes within certain categories from ‘Best Wheels’ all the way to ‘Best In Show’. The main car park known as ‘The Plaza’ continued to provide a very hot selection of motors including this bagged and wrapped BMW M2 Competition, sitting some very clean BBS LM wheels. Very peachy! 

The overflow car parks and surrounding spaces filled the rest of the venue very nicely, extending plenty of routes for visitors to wander around the show. Catering seemed to have the same effect on the hungry visitors and exhibitors across the day with food stands to suit everybody’s taste buds, from fried chicken to wood fired pizza (p.s. Chicken George and their infamous chicken strips was a personal favourite for us) 


On the topic of winners, our own carbon widebody Porsche Cayman S managed to bag itself ‘Best In Show’ on the day which definitely ended it on a high. very positive and high note. All this of course would not be possible with the help of our sponsors, family and friends which we are very thankful for!

The verdict...

The Verdict? Tucked At The Museum well and truly delivered an experience that represents the UK car culture as it stands. From VAG to JDM and everything in between, burnout competitions to the shiniest wheels there was something for everyone to feast their eyes on. Events like this definitely make content creation for us a walk in the park as there was so many opportunities to cover. The days until the next one are already counted down and definitely an event you shouldn’t miss out! Check out the full gallery of photos as well as the full after-movie below!

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