May 7th 2022


Wörthersee is the ultimate petrolheads road trip! It needs to be done at least once in your life if you’re even slightly into cars. Drive across Europe, fly, swim or teleport there if you can. It’s a gorgeous location, the best cars in the world, amazing food and great memories to be made. What more could you want! 

During the Pandemic unfortunately Wörthersee has been absent for almost three years now! But in 2022, we’re back.

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With Wörthersee being a bit different this year as the actual GTI Treffen event not being on, whether this is for COVID reasons or just political local reasons we are not sure. Either way, it’s cancelled. 


With all that being at Play and the XS car night event being held over the weekend of the 14th – 15th May it seemed best to head over to the famous glittering blue lake for the week before the show. So, Saturday 7th May me and Stacey loaded our camera equipment, belongings and Staceys wardrobe into our Porsche Macan and hit the road for 1200 mile journey.

Starting off in Coventry we have a three hour drive down to Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel across to France. We set off around 10:30PM and booked the train on the way down when we had an ETA. This is Staceys first time on the Eurotunnel and as you can see she really enjoyed it…

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