Racing Line Performance – Upper Heyford shoot

Photographers Playground!

Racing Line Performance are another regular client of mine. They specialise in creating some of the best aftermarket performance parts for the VAG world! From Billet coolant tank caps all the way to full ceramic big brake kits. They don’t mess about, some serious research and development is put into each vehicle and its parts before it hits the market.

Racing Line Performance have recently purchased two new development vehicles that will be the future of the company, definitely for a few years to come; the ever popular Volkswagen Golf GTI (but this is the new MK8 variant) and the new all electric ID3.

Racing Line managed to get their hands on one of the first MK8 GTI’s in the country, giving them the lead on their rivals for products to market. The guys were heading over to a local airfield where they test handling, acceleration, top speed and braking. They invited me along to create some images for press releases, and videos for development posts to build excitement of what’s coming from the business.

The new MK8 Golf has certainly divided opinions between enthusiasts. With its new modernised look and distinctive shape, it’s certainly a grower. As well as focusing on the car I was informed of all the new products on the vehicle developed by Racing Line Performance, this meant I was also able to focus on them for the photos and video shots.

Check out the MK8 Golf video!

Next up, was the game changing, futuristic ID3. The new fully electric car from Volkswagen. With many similarities to the Golf in regards to size, target audience and modification possibilities, Racing Line have embraced the electric era, diving head first into the unknown. In the words of Director Matt Walker,

‘Everything can be better, quicker and sharper. You just have to find it.’

The ID3 certainly has a modern new style, some amazing technology and immense acceleration. With the new modern electric cars, they have no gearing so it’s a constant burst of power and torque. Racing Line have developed lowering springs, wheels and Billet caps for the fluid bottles in the engine bay. The next step is developing ECU performance software to make it even faster.

After we shot both cars individually, we decided that we would make the most out of the location, weather and vehicles we had available. So we ended up taking some double shots of both cars to create even more engaging social media posts.

Would be rude to not have a drag race, right?

Once we had played around with the newcomers, and we had covered all the content we wanted to, it would have been rude to not take some shots of the old faithful Racing Line Performance MK7 GTI Development car. With its vibrant livery, countless parts fitted, Stage 2+ Performance ECU software and loud Milltek exhaust.

After an awesome day out shooting some Social Media Content of the Racing Line Performance Fleet, at an Automotive Photographers playground of locations. It was time to reconvene at the base of the day as the sun was setting, it would have been un-family-like to not get a family photo. MK7 GTI Meet MK8 GTI.

From one full days shooting Racing Line Performance have a library full of product photos, vehicle photos, testing images, three videos and more! It was a great day shooting Automotive Photography and a real pleasure spending time with the team! Note to self, bring more quick detailer and microfibre cloths next time!

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