Aimans E31 – Airlift Performance

An old friend

As some of you may know, I used to have a bagged BMW E31 840. So when I first spotted Aiman’s BMW E31 I knew I needed to shoot this beauty, it hit me right in the feels! One of my biggest clients is Airlift Performance, specialising and dominating the air suspension industry i’m truly honoured to call them a client and friend. The best way to create engaging, creative content is by being passionate about the subject. I’ve worked with Airlift know for 3-4 years and the relationship has gone from strength to strength.

Once we had touched base and organised a date, it was time to organise a location, with lockdown and the global pandemic currently ongoing we knew we couldn’t go to far. So as Aiman is based in Leicester and myself in Coventry. I pictured the car sat against the old historic Coventry Cathedral and the cobbled streets. The red will really pop against the contrasting dark historic Cathedral walls.

The E31 is an appreciating classic and needs a slow, moody building video to give the timeless shape and refine styling the justice it deserves. It’s not that sort of bass, glitch, up tempo style shoot. it’s all about being chilled and just taking in the vehicle and location working together.


It was very nostalgic being back around a BMW E31 again, the smells of the leather, the sound of the V8 engine the styling all hit me like a tonne of bricks. I predict the E31 will continue to grow in value and will be a future classic for car collectors. The video of Aimans BMW E31 shot for #LifeOnAir will be on Airlift Performance social media channels soon.

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