G Techniq // Zachs Regera


G Techniq are one of our biggest clients in the detailing sector, and always have some of the best vehicles coming through their detailing studio. G Techniq specialise in some of the best Ceramic Coatings on the planet! The coatings are created through strenuous scientific procedures and vigorous testing, even before being laid onto a full vehicle.

This week was no different, but boy were we excited when we first had the phone call with Marketing Manager Dom Berry about them having the Koenigsegg Regera from @zachsgarage in for a full ceramic coating and detail.

The brief was to capture as much content as possible whilst it was on site for a week. Product shots, glory shots, video of application, and the main reason was to promote the companies latest product called ‘Halo’ . Halo is targeted towards PPF covered vehicles. Hence Zach’s Regera. These guys don’t do things by halves! Check out the results below!

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