January 2019 Review


As the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, Auld lang syne echoed out across the country and fireworks erupted and lit up our skies. For most of us it’s the same old, New Year, New me. But for the first time in my life the meaning of the original Scottish poem couldn’t be more true in 2019, it was then I began to remember the times past from 2018. Then turning my focus to how much I wanted Shout About It Media to work out how i’ve planned for several years, it was now time to concentrate on the future and pursue my dream.

At the start of 2019 as you are all aware I launched the business properly, with a professional look and feel, logos, tagline, websites, social media, proposals, engagements and emails. I’ve been overwhelmed at the response it has received from friends, family and of course the new clients I have on board to work with in 2019. The weather hasn’t always been the best, bitterly cold winds, deicing the car windows in the mornings but It’s fantastic.

I’ve never felt the will to go out and excel so much before. I’ve been creating engaging content, making fantastic relationships and really enjoying my work. I’d really like to thank my clients so much for believing in me and allowing me to represent the fantastic brands you all own, I hope I can help push them forward for you in 2019 and create some true magic.

Based in Solihull, Shout About It is aimed at the automotive sector, we specialise in creating engaging content for clients to utilise on their social media platforms or websites. This can include things such as cinematic videos, how-to videos, business videos, vibrant imagery, newsletters and blog features. Anything is possible with Shout About It media.


Autosport & The Performance Car Show is always an event i’ve visited each year as a visitor with my father, he is a massive factor in my love for anything automotive. Formula 1, Moto GP, Monster Trucks, you name it, me and my father would watch it all together. This year however I decided to apply for a media pass and take my camera along to capture some of the event for social media use. With the format being a little bit different this year it allowed for some nice angles and better lighting than what i’m used to at the NEC. It was a great way for me to get back into the photography side of content at a show. Check out some of my favourite images below.



McGurk Performance Cars has been a great brand to get involved with, John the owner is a true petrolhead by heart, with a plethora of automotive poster cars in his own collection of vehicles, he really knows his stuff. It’s great to see that same passion for perfection is shown in the vehicles McGurk Performance cars sells as well. John is very specific with how he wants his brand portrayed which I think is perfect. Over the past month I’ve visited them several times to create content to populate the social media channels, a lot of which has been very well received and the posts have had some fantastic engagements and some strong comments from customers as well. I’m also managing the posting process of the content as well for McGurk over the three Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Moving into February we are going to be keeping up with the photo content and posting on a regular basis, but now start to expand on that and add some nice business related videos on the servicing side of the business and perhaps a McGurk brand ethos overview. With lots of exciting events planned throughout the year as well, i’m really excited to work on more content for the guys at McGurk Performance cars.



Reigniting a friendship.

Limebug VW are a Goliath brand in the Aircooled business, with years of experience behind them and being running for 10 years now they have established a strong brand and create some amazing hand built in house products for the Aircooled community. I was luckily enough to meet up with Craig the owner a few years back when I filmed his Tempo Matador for Airlift Performance (watch it here.) When I started thinking seriously about Shout About It I got in touch with Craig. After finding out they recently lost the member of staff who did the videos and photos in house it made sense to join forces and start planning content for January. After heading over the first time and discussing the plans, we shot a couple of bits for social media posting, again I’m controlling all of the content on Limebugs pages via Facebook and Instagram.


We decided we really want to concentrate on compelling content which tells a story but also promotes Limebugs already growing stock of Aircooled goodies, specifically the Jawbreaker beams. #LimeLife is a social media campaign targeted at the Beetle owners, we will be shooting regularly and concentrating on Beetles using Limebug products, we have already shot two of these and the blogs are currently being written up for posting on social media, expect to see these early February. I’m also taking over some designs such as Magazine adverts and also the monthly newsletters which are created using SendInBlue, these emails go out to over 40,000 people.


“Mate LOVE IT!!! Pure class work that, the video is spot on!” – Craig Shaw Limebug owner



For years now I have always supported Airlift Performance, purchasing their products and promoting them on my own social media platforms and my project car builds. After several years it was destined to be that we would end up working together, for several years now I have worked for Airlift Performance as a side hobby along my Full time commitments, but now working for myself allows me to put a lot more effort into the #LifeOnAir videos I create for this fantastic brand. Over the years I’ve shot a lot of cool cars for them and I’m really looking forward to more ahead. Check out a couple of the most memorable ones below.


Now i’m fully committed to making engaging content I’ve started getting organised a whole lot better this side of the pond as the team at Airlift Performance are based in the states. This has always been a stumbling block with the marketing team waking up around the evening here in the UK. We now have a content calendar in place with  we add all the scheduled shoots in. With new camera gear coming every month and a lot more event based content booked for 2019 it should be a great year ahead. I’ve shot a few cars in January already, check them out below.


Quantum 44 are a premium wheel brand aimed at luxury to high end vehicles, M4’s Lamborghinis for example. They specialise in cast and two piece forged options. Based in Northern Ireland, I hopped on plane for the first on my own, which was an interesting experience. I made my way bright early on a Friday morning 4AM start to catch a 7AM flight to Belfast. landing in Belfast the weather wasn’t ideal for shooting cars to say the least. When we arrived I was introduced to the team there and was then whisked off to shoot an incredible Huracan for them. I also shot some images of a new wheel which is to be launched soon so I can’t talk to much about that… Check out some of the shots below.


Again with Quantum I have been asked to create content and also post on the accounts for them, this includes Facebook and Instagram.


Motion R Design are a new business which is in its fledgling period, with the new hype of aftermarket vans, these guys have latched onto that market and are really pushing the boundaries of design with some unique touches that similar products can’t offer. Originally starting out on the Ford Connect compact vans, offering body kits, carbon trim and wheels or even a fully built example, realising the need and want from this market they delved deeper into the pool of options. They have now moved onto one of britain’s iconic vehicles, possibly the vehicle we see most on a day to day basis, the Transit Van, but this one is certainly different.

With this being all new, I’m actually starting up the Instagram accounts and managing the Facebook accounts as well! I can’t wait for more work with these guys and see some more completed vans on the road!



In the middle of January a friend contacted me who works in the Marketing department at Guy Salmon JLR, she was contacting me in regards to the new Evoque which is launching this month. They were holding a glamorous launch event at the iconic Coventry Showroom, I was asked to come along and create some stunning images and a cinematic 1 minute video of the event, the car and the atmosphere.


” I tell you one thing Matt, it’s rather difficult to please me and I honestly couldn’t have loved the photos anymore if i tried. So excited to see the video, amazing shots!” Sahar – Marketing Manager Guy Salmon JLR 



“Matt you have created exactly what I had envisioned, thanks so much for all your hard work and creativity on the project” – Sahar Marketing Manager Guy Salmon JLR


As February looms ahead, with forecasts of heavy snow on the way, it seems as though the coldest part of the winter is approaching I’m really happy with my first month on the new venture and I can only hope all of you are as well. Some of the feedback has been amazing and I’m buzzing to create more content for you all. I’ve recently purchased a DJI 4K OSMO, this little hand held gimbal will make shots silky smooth with the touch of a button, all monitored and controlled on my mobile phone. This will be essential for my rolling shots, so I’m not hanging out of the boot or passenger window anymore. It will also aid me with any difficult tight spots to get in when filming, it can also video in portrait mode for those instagram story optimised videos. Perfect for LIVE videos that are silky smooth.

After much feedback from clients, a drone is my next essential purchase, so thats coming very soon! I also have branded clothing coming as well, so when were out on shoots or i’m visiting the premises I look a lot more professional.

Thank you all very much reading the January Shout About It Media update